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Re 6 x idiot (Anywhere )

45 Vote NO on all Levies 45 (Ohio)


6x idiot (unowho)

I had a special Ohiolady too!

Re 5x driver (Akron)


re:main st.

Should have known (summit)

re x4 idiot drivers (every day )

Why we are voting Quinny out of office

auto and all (mogadore rd.)

a wicked web we weave (Summit )


been looking for nsa hookup but no luck (akron)

See your remains there.

Let Me Know (Akron)

RE: Jenn Johnson

Re re re idiot drivers (Akron)

Holier than thou? (summit )

Over load

So smart

Vote NO on the sales tax increase (Behind the scene) pic

re:the truth

look I predicted something after it happened, I am so smart NOT (Akron)

3 posts in 5 min

Let the truth be known! (Akron)

posting the truth, hitting a nerve (Akron) pic

Court lovers, (Akron)


LOL.... Idiots (around)

over payment

"Oh while your speeding to go no where im on way to your house to fuck (your woman")

re: judge quinn basher

re: re:idiot drivers (akron ) (every day )

Child support over payment (Summit) pic


Basher (Akron)

judge quinn basher

I seen you dancing naked by the light of the moon Baby Boy

No show (Portage)

twisted (here&now)

Needs help (Summit)

woman lie, men die no one is held accountable (Summit)

Child support overpayments.

Re:(what planet)/ douche nozzle. (No YOU are the pathetic one here.)

Sarah.... (NAGY)

re:halfway hanna

34 Re:Re: McDonalds 34 (Akron)

Screwed (Summit)

how we screw the men , let me count the ways (Summit)

compromise with a court order after it is issued? (Summit)

Basher (Portage)

HALFWAY HANNA? (lalaland)

Portage boy and half way hanna, a match made in heaven (Portage )

Hanna (Portage)

World according to half way Hanna

re:how bad am i getting screwed

35 Ace floor care 35

To lalaland (yeah its me)

Re: McDonalds

what FN planet (la la land)

Ding (Portage)

re: how bad am i screwed

how bad am I screwed (New Franklin)


re:ding ding (California)

re re court basher & ohio lady douche akron poster (here&now)

re: court basher and Ohio Lady (Akron )


ding ding time for school, portage county boy (akron )

Re- court basher & Ohio lady (what planet?)

88 RE: North Canton McDonalds, Applegrove. 88 (Ohio)

Summit Co. (Portage)

re:unfit in any court

You have seen the truth (Akron)

re: unfit in any court (here today)

Re; Nigger

Unfit in any court, Quinny (Summit)

still doesn't

Re: McDonalds on Applegrove (Akron)

Still missing my Ohio Lady..... (Drop that loser!)

Getting Funny (Portage)

26 North Canton McDonalds, Applegrove. 26 (North Canton) pic

Now comes the truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth (Summit County Ohio)

Re:Re:Re:Ziegler Tire (Canton )

re re Zeigler tire (canton) pic

The truth will set you all free (here&now)

Re: Joe Smo (Canton ) pic

We all should be bitter with Quinny's actions (Summit)

Lest we forget (OHIO)

57 re:court basher 57 (copley)

court basher

re: Portage really (Portage)

portage county really?

For the record (Portage)

Re zeigler tire (Alron )

Still waiting ! (Portage)

to re: mr akron (mr akron)

Just a thought (Norton)

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