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S.T.E.M. Library 100 Books
Science Technology Engineering Math

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(Alphabetical by Title)
1001 Things to do with Your Atari ST, Mark Sawusch and Linda Schreiber, 1986
ISBN: 0830604766, hardcover
Administering the Quality Control Function, Jerome H. Fuchs, 1979
ISBN: 0130049603, hardcover
Aluminum in Iron and Steel, Samuel L. Case and Kent R. Van Horn, 1953, hardcover
Amateur Tests and Measurements, Louis M. Dezettel, 1969, paperback
The American Way to Wealth, Burton D. Morgan, 2000, hardcover
Anecdotes, Burton D. Morgan, 2000, hardcover
Analysis of Machine Elements Using SolidWorks Simulation 2014, John R. Steffen, 2014
ISBN: 9781585038565, paperback
Applied Plastic Design in Steel, Robert O. Disque, 1978
ISBN:0882753126, hardcover

Bedside Money, Mansur B. Oaks, 1942, hardcover
The Big Book of Maker Skills, Chris Hackett, 2018
ISBN: 9781616288907, hardcover

Canon Production System, Constance E. Dyer, ed. 1987
ISBN: 09152990062, hardcover
The Chief Executive Office and Its Responsibilities, Amacom, 1971
ISBN: 0814453953, hardcover
Climate Change, 2nd Edition, Charles Fletcher, 2019
ISBN: 9781118793060, paperback
Competititive Solutions, R. Preston McAfee, 2002
ISBN: 0691124035, paperback
Connectors and Interconnections Handbook, Vol 3, Wire and Cable, Daniel I. Amey, 1981
Control of Hazardous Material Spills, Proceedings of the National Coference on Control of Hazardous Material Spills, 1972, hardcover
Corona Performance of High-Voltage Transmission Lines, P. Sarma Maruvada, 2000
ISBN: 0863802540, hardcover
The Craft of Scientific Communication, Joseph E. Harmon and Alan G. Gross, 2010
ISBN: 9780226316610, hardcover

Data and Telecommunications Dictionary, Julie K. Petersen, 1999
ISBN: 0849395917, hardcover
Design in Motion, Packaging, Stewart Mosberg, 1989
ISBN: 0866361049, hardcover
Designing a Distributed Processing System, Hamish Donaldson, 1979
ISBN: 0852272294, hardcover
Desktop Marketing with the Macintosh, Tracy Emerick and Stacy Gasteiger, 1992
ISBN: 0132036134
Diel Locomotive Mechanical Equipment, John Draney, 1948, hardcover
Differential Thermal Analysis, Vol 1, Fundamental Aspects, R.C. Mackenzie, 1970
ISBN: 0124644015, hardcover
Digital Equipment Trouble Shooting, M. Namgostar, 1977
ISBN: 0879092017, hardcover
Douthit Communications, 50-Still Spry, Dennis J. Cahill, 2007
ISBN: 9781424337316, hardcover

Audel Electrical Course for Apprentices and Journeymen, Roland E. Palmquist, 1984
ISBN: 0672233932, hardcover
Electrical Engineering Problems, E.M. Williams and F.J. Young, 1960, hardcover
Elementary Mechanical Drawing, Charles William Weick, 1915, hardcover
Elementary Practical Physics, Newton Henry Black and Harvey Nathaniel Davis,
1940, hardcover
Engineers on the Twin Rivers, A History of the U.S. Army Engineers Nashville District 1769-1978, Leland R. Johnson, 1978, paperback
Encyclopedia of Integrated Circuits, 2nd Edition, Walter H. Buchsbaum, 1987
ISBN: 013275892X, paperback
Energizers for Training and Conferences, John E. Jones and William L. Bearley, 1989
ISBN: 0925652067, paperback
Environmental Decision Making, James K. Lein, 1997
ISBN: 0865424667, hardcover
Essentials of Strategic Management, 4th edition, Gamble, Peteraf, and Thompson
2013, ISBN: 9780078112898
Work Examples in Electrical Engineering, W.T. Pratt, 1969
ISBN: 090976304, hardcover

First Steps in 80286 Assembly Language, Robert Erskine, 1987
ISBN: 1851810862, paperback
Fluid Mechanics through Problems, P.J. Garde, 1989
ISBN: 0470213329, hardcover
Fundamentals of Semiconductors, M.G. Scroggie, 1960, hardcover
Future War, An Assessment of Aerospace Campaigns in 2010, Jeffery R. Barnett
1997, paperback

Godel Escher Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, Douglas R. Hofstadter, 1979
ISBN: 0394745027, paperback
40 Wonderful Years by Grace, Edward J. Bash, 2011, hardcover (#181 of 500)
Grounding and Shielding Techniques in Instrumentation, Ralph Morrison
1967, hardcover
The Gypsum Construction Handbook, William Leavitt and Bob Grupe editors, 2000
ISBN: 0963686224, paperback

Handbook for Manufacturing Entrepreneurs, Robert Morrison, 1974, paperback
Handbook of Transistor Circuit Design, Keats A. Pullen, 1961, hardcover
A History of Inventions, Patents, and Patent Lawyers in the Western Reserve,
Hal D. Cooper and Thomas M. Schmitz, 1993, paperback

Inductance Calculations Working Formulas and Tables, Frederick W. Grover, 1973
ISBN: 0876645139, hardcover
Industrial Creativity: The Psychology of the Inventor, Joseph Rossman, 1964, hardcover
Introduction to Electric Transients, Edwin B. Kurtz and George F. Corcoran
1948, hardcover
Industrial Inorganic Analysis, Roland S. Young, 1953, hardcover
Introduction to Assembler Language Programming for the IBM System 360/370
H.C. Brearley, Jr. ISBN: 0023138009, hardcover
Introduction to Programming, Digital Equipment Company, 1973, paperback
Ionization Chambers and Counters, Bruno B. Rossi, 1949, paperback

Knocking on Heaven's Door, 2011, Lisa Randall
ISBN: 9780061723728, hardcover

Low-Noise Electronic Design, C.D. Motchenbacher and F.C. Fitchen, 1973
ISBN: 0471619507, hardcover
Lubrication of Industrial and Marine Machinery 2nd. Edition,
William Gordon Forbes, 1961, hardcover

The Making, Shaping, and Treating of Steel, 6th Edition, J.M. Camp and C.B. Francis 1951
Management Decision Sciences: Cases and Readings, William L. Berry,
Charles J. Christenson, and John S. Hammond III, 1980
ISBN: 0256022194, hardcover
The Management Profession, Louis A. Allen, 1964, hardcover
Managing Advancing Technology, Volume 1, Strategies and Tactics of Production Innovation, Charles J. Lynch, editor, 1972, ISBN: 0814452833, hardcover
Managing Advancing Technology, Volume 2, Creating an Action Team in R&D, Roberta Lee Plinter, editor, 1972, ISBN: 0814452841, hardcover
Manual of Steel Construction, 7th Edition, American Institute of Steel Construction
1973, hardcover
A Mathematician Explains, Mayme I. Logsdon, 1936, hardcover
The Memory Jogger 9000, A Pocket Guide to Implementing ISO 9000 Quality Systems Standards and QS-9000 Requirements, Robert W. Peach and Diane S. Ritter, 1996
ISBN: 1879364824, spiral binding
Microcomputer Processor Handbook, Digital Equipment Corporation, 1979, paperback
Modern Coal Mining Methods, Coal Age, hardcover
Monetary Policy in a World of Knowledge-Based Growth, Quality Change, and Uncertain
Measurement, Kunio Okina and Tetsuya Inoue, editors, 2001
ISBN: 033740319, hardcover
The Muffin Man Chronicles, Recipes for Entrepreneurial Success, Steve Marks, 2021
ISBN: 9781950843435, paperback

The Netscape Intranet Solution, Shanen Boettcher, 1998
ISBN: 0471192252, paperback
Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry Sections A&B, 2nd Edition, 1966

Operability Design Review of Prototype Large Breeder Reactor (PLBR) Designs
General Physics Corp. Electric Power Research Institute, 1981, paperback
The Oscillator at Work, John F Rider, 1946, hardcover

Practical Experimental Designs and Optimization Methods for Chemists
Charles K. Bayne and Ira B. Rubin, 1986, ISBN: 0895731363, hardcover
Practical Industrial Formulary, Mitchell Freeman, 1962, hardcover
Practical Technology Forecasting, Concepts and Exercises, James R. Bright,
1978 paperback
Principles of Nuclear Radiation Detection, Geoffrey G. Eichholz and John W. Poston
1979, ISBN: 0260402637, hardcover
Proceedings of Cryogenic Workshop, March 29-30, 1972, NASA, paperback
Properties of Inorganic Substances, Wilhelm Segerblom, 1927, hardcover

Questionnaire Design and Attitude Measurement A.N. Oppenheim, 1966, hardcover

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Billy C. Langley, 1978
ISBN: 0835966127, hardcover
Relay Engineering, 2nd. Edition, Charles Packard, 1945, paperback
Reliability Improvement with Design of Experiments, Lloyd W. Condra, 1993
ISBN: 0824788885, hardcover
Reporting Technical Information, 2nd Edition, Kenneth W. Houp and Thomas E. Pearsall
1974, paperback

Segmenting the Industrial Market, Thomas V. Bonoma and Benson P. Shapiro
1983, ISBN: 0669094692, paperback
Servicing by Signal Tracing, John F. Rider, 1948, hardcover
Simula Begin, Graham M Birtwistle, Ole-Johan Dahl, Bjorn Myhrhaug, and Kristen Nygaard, 1976, ISBN: 0884053407, hardcover
Simplified Mechanical Drawing, Thurman C. Crook, 1935, hardcover
Slide Rule Simplified, Charles O. Harris, 1949, hardcover
Staged Cascades in Chemical Processing, P.L. Thibaut Brian, 1972
ISBN: 0138402809, hardcover
Starring the Text: The Place of Rhetoric in Science Studies, Alan G. Gross, 2006
ISBN: 9780809326952
Supergrow, Essays and Reports on Contemporary Imagination, Benjamin DeMott, 1969
ISBN: 0575005556, hardcover
Symposium on Spectrochemical Analysis for Trace Elements, ASTM Special Technical Publication No. 221, 1958, hardcover

Technical Specifications Manual, Firestone Rubbergard System Technical Specifications Manual Volume IV, 1989, paperback
Technical Writer's Handbook, Harry E. Chandler, 1983
ISBN: 0871701510, hardcover
Trane Air Conditioning Manual, The Trane Company, 1968, hardcover
Transforming The Human Resources Function, Five Propositions for Organizing HR in the New Economy, Pope Ward, Practice Manager, 1999, paperback
Transforming The Human Resources Function, Eight Practices for Organizing HR in the New Economy, Pope Ward, Practice Manager, 1999, paperback
A Treasury of Success Unlimited, A Collection of Outstanding Articles, O.G. Mandino
1966, hardcover
Treatise on Adhesion and Adhesives, Robert L. Patrick, editor, 1981
ISBN: 0824713990, hardcover
TV Sweep Alignment Techniques, Art Liebscher, 1953, paperback
Two Minute SQL Server Stumpers, Test Your SQL Server Knowledge, 2006, paperback

Up the Organization, How to Stop the Corporation from Stifling People and Strangling Profits, Robert Townsend, 1970, hardcover

Water Resources Administration in the United States, Policy, Practice, and Emerging Issues, Martin Reuss, editor, 1993, ISBN: 0870133330, hardcover

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