DISNEY PRINCESS DOLLS--ANIMATOR'S COLLECTION, TODDLER, 18", & FASHION (PU Near Medina HS & Hospital or meet in Strongsville)

• To establish your place in line, please comment and promptly send message about which you want from the list below and when you can pick up near Medina HS & Hospital, or we can meet in Brunswick or Strongsville for a significant purchase. OOS.

DISNEY PETITE DOLLS (one shown in group shot, but decided to post them separately)
• Anna Jakks Pacific Disney Petite Doll with her dress and shoes, nice condition $5 (also have 7 more Petite Princess dolls, plus Olaf & Sven)

• Belle Jakks Pacific Toddler Doll in Tollytots Belle glittery yellow gown with rosettes, nice condition, (not shown yet, ask); also have a Lumiere available to purchase with this doll
• Elena Jakks Pacific Disney slim-style 14" Toddler Doll with molded panties and her dress, hair EUC, gown and body Nearly New $10
• Belle Disney slim-style 14" Toddler Doll with molded panties and her Tollytots replacement gown (not sure of doll's brand), back of right sleeve crepe needs a few stitches, otherwise doll and dress Nearly New $10; also have a Lumiere available to purchase with this doll
• Cinderella Tollytots Disney 14" Toddler Doll with molded panties and her dress & crown, body has marks; hair, crown, and dress Like New $10
• Rapunzel Jakks Pacific Disney 14" Toddler Doll with her dress and crown, hair and crown have a bit of added blue, hair EUC, gown and body Like New $11
• Cinderella Tollytots Disney 15" Doll in her dress & removable panties, has attached crown with gems, battery-operated functions didn't work when tested, doll has some marks, hair EUC, clothes are like new, $10 SOLD
• Elsa Jakks Pacific Disney Singing/Talking slim-style 14" Holiday Toddler Doll with molded panties and and a pink/purple doll dress, dress EUC, body and hair Like New, needs AA batteries, $10 SOLD
• Jasmine Jakks Pacific Disney 14" Toddler Doll with molded panties and and her dress and shoes, still has the cardboard skirt support, Like New $13 SOLD
• Elsa and Anna Tollytots Disney 14" Toddler Doll pair with their dresses and molded panties, hair EUC, each doll has one dot on her face and Anna has one dot on back of arm, otherwise bodies Like New, Elsa's dress Nearly New, Anna's dress Like New, $20 SOLD

• Rapunzel Disney Animators' Collection 15" doll with past-heels length hair and her long purple gown, has a mark on shin, otherwise body is Like New as are hair and gown, $19
• Merida Disney Animators' Collection 16" doll and her dress plus shoes, has 2 mole-looking brown spots at her neck, otherwise Nearly New $19
• Rapunzel Disney Animators' Collection 16" doll with past-heels length hair and her dress, Nearly New $20
• Merida Disney Animators' Collection 16" doll with her blue & gold gown, tights, and 1 shoe, has thick, long, curly hair and smirking smile, tiny hole in heel of tights, otherwise Like New $25 (ask for pic)
• Snow White Disney Animators' Collection 16" doll with her dress and headband, has very thick wavy hair, EUC $15 SOLD

• Aurora Jakks Pacific Disney Princess & Me 18" doll, her dark pink & gold gown, and gold earrings, Collectible, Nearly New $33
• Aurora Jakks Pacific Disney Princess & Me 18" doll, her light pink full gown, gold earrings, and attached gold crown, Collectible, Nearly New $35
• Belle Jakks Pacific Disney Princess & Me 18" doll, her yellow & gold gown, and a gold crown, Collectible, Nearly New $33 SOLD

• Merida Disney Talking 16" Fashion Doll with her gown, has very thick, curly hair and jointed knees & elbows , needs 3 button cell batteries for touch sensors on hands, very nice condition, $15
• Snow White Funko Disney small soft plush doll, EUC $2 SOLD

• turquoise Maryjane shoe, fits Elsa and other regular Toddler Dolls, 25 cents
• white satiny high heel shoe, think it is from a soft Cinderella doll, 25 cents
• purple doll crown with heart, $1
• blue & white doll crown with seashells, $1
• white lace Toddler doll tights, EUC $2
• Belle's yellow maryjane-style doll shoes, one has black mark, $2 (too big for toddler dolls)
• Rapunzel's Disney Parks Disney's Babies purple & pink silky blanket with velcro fastener and sun emblem, EUC $3
• Snow White's Playmates satiny Toddler doll dress, nice condition, $4

Note: Toddler Dolls are now called Disney Collection Toddler Dolls or Disney My Friend Dolls.
•• We also have a bunch of other Doll items to sell (many ready and getting more sorted out): Barbies/Kens/Barbie's Sisters & Disney Prince/ss & Fairy Dolls plus Clothes/Accessories, realistic Lee Middleton & other weighted and regular Baby Dolls/clothes/accessories, American Girl/Madame Alexander/other 18" dolls and their outfits/pets/furnishings/accessories/books, Barbie playsets/horses/home furnishings/accessories, Polly Pocket dolls/outfits/furniture/house/Wall Mall set, Enchantimals, Disney Little Kingdom

Also have other Disney Princesses items (ask for info): Talking Fashion, 18", Plush, & Little Kingdom dolls, Barbie-size dolls with their gowns & extras plus a few princes, Little People Palaces, Princesses, & Carriages, Costumes, Books, Plush Characters (Build-A-Bear Elsa & Belle with their outfits, Aurora's cat Beauty, & Belle's & Rapunzel's/Finn's horses), small plastic Figurines, Puzzles, Movies, Games, Sleeping bag, Clothes/Nightwear, Magnetic Dress-up Dolls, & misc. themed items

•• We also have a TON of OTHER DOLL ITEMS to sell (* items may not be ready yet, but ask): many Baby Doll items (Baby Alive, Bitty Baby Twin, Lee Middleton, Realistic, Weighted, Soft, & other Baby Dolls plus Clothes, Accessories, Gear, & Bitty Baby items), many 18" Doll Items (American Girl, Madame Alexander, Fancy Nancy, Our Generation, & other Dolls, plus Outfits, Furniture, Horse riding items, Dogs, & Accessories), bins of Barbie Items (dozens of Barbie Dolls plus Outfits, Gowns, Accessories, Kens, Barbie's Sisters, Horses/*Pets, Campers, Cars, & Playsets), My First Dollhouse furnished with its family, Pinkalicious Doll, Doll character-themed Books (American Girl, Barbie, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, & Our Generation), Enchantimals Dolls, Disney plush Minnie Mouse Dolls, LOL items, Monster High items, Step2 Love & Care Deluxe Nursery Kids Playset, Doc McStuffins (Dolls, Playset, & Accessories), Hape Happy Family wood Dolls set, Fancy Nancy 9.5" & 18" dolls, Mini Dolls (American Girl, Barbie, Madame Alexander, LIV, CPK, etc.), Magnetic Dress-up Doll sets (Disney, Melissa & Doug, & other), *Playmobil (Sets, Figures, & Parts), Shimmer & Shine Doll, SpinMaster Liv (Dolls, Wigs, & Apparel), Bratz, Little People (Houses, Disney Palaces, & many other LP sets/items), large Poseable Action Figure Dolls (Star Wars & DC Comics), Cupcake Surprise dolls, Sweet Streets furnished House & People, Ty Dolls & Apparel, MGA Brianee 4-Ever Friends Doll & Clothes, My Little Pony dolls, *Barbie Styling Head; *American Girl Hopscotch Hill & Wellie Wishers Dolls, Horsman Dollhouse vintage Familiess, Fisher-Price Loving Family vehicles & well-furnished LF houses with families and one with stable & horses, & other Dolls & Doll items.

•• Also have TONS of other Stuff to sell from multiple families including loads each of Toys, Books, Games, Building Sets, Pretend Play items, Disney items, Pajamas, Hero/Villain items, Holiday items, Puzzles, Outerwear, Plushies, and more, plus THOUSANDS of clothes for ALL sizes Baby through Teen/Junior/Adult! Send me a wish list, and I'll let you know what we have from it. To see more of my posts so far, click the "More ads by this user" link box under the map, or search 823A in the Akron-Canton Craigslist home page search box.

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